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1/350 Polar Lights K'Tinga Paint Masks

Available for order in my store.

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Welcome.......  A place to get custom decals and other things.

I offer custom decals. My specialty is Star Trek.

I can do custom names and registry numbers

for your Star Trek Models.

I can also do other genres like Star Wars, BattleStar Galactica

and others. I can also take decals you have or create and resize to

a different scale and print them for you.

I also have Paint masks and Backlit transparencies available

I can also create decals for 3d printed models that have never been produced.

Contact me for info on that service.

White printing is back,, My Alps printers are up and running.

If you need white I will use the Alps all others will be done as stated below.

Decals will be printed on a Photographic Quality Laser Printer

Or on a Photographic Quality InkJet at my discretion depending on application.

Custom Name and Registry Numbers

Custom name and registry number changes.

Paint Masks

I have painting masks.

Backlit Transparencies

Ask me about others that I do.

This is an 8x10 transparency for a base that I built.

Contact Me About Your Decal Needs

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Please send me any questions about custom decals and what I might have or can do for you.
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